What Is the Difference Between Malware and Ransomware

malware and ransomware

Viruses, malware, and ransomware are all serious threats to the security of your device. They might damage your system, remove your files, alter your data, and cost you more than you ever expected. According to a report, In 2019, there was a 41 percent rise in malware and ransomware attacks, resulting in 205,000 organizations losing… Continue reading What Is the Difference Between Malware and Ransomware

Will A Fresh Window Installation Remove All Viruses On My PC?

window installation

Is your system creating issues like running out of work, storage issues, performance issues, taking too much time, or turning off from time to time? There can be many reasons that cause your system to work inefficiently. However, sometimes it happens due to the malware or viruses in your device which you can’t identify easily.… Continue reading Will A Fresh Window Installation Remove All Viruses On My PC?

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts a victim’s information and keeps it at ransom. After the malware attack is done, a ransom is demanded from the user to give them access back to their data. Ransomware is designed to spread as fast as possible and infect as many systems as possible. Understanding Ransomware… Continue reading What is Ransomware?

What is Wannacry Ransomware?

WannaCry ransomware attack

One of the most prominent malware infections used by cyber attackers today, Wannacry ransomware is a threat to all your devices. In 2017, this malware infection destroyed countless networks all over the world. From big banks and health care systems to telecommunication companies, nothing was left untouched. Even now, it is one of the deadliest… Continue reading What is Wannacry Ransomware?

What is DarkSide Ransomware?

Darkside ransomware

In the cybersecurity landscape, the ransomware attacks like Darkside ransomware could be considered the most influential and disastrous threat to the networks. Since hackers across the globe kept on trying to discover new and new ways to profit from ransomware attacks, the ratio of these assaults has been continuously and rapidly increasing. Hackers don’t attack… Continue reading What is DarkSide Ransomware?